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Secondary jobs for students - The coolest mini jobs on the Internet

Many schoolchildren and students earn money with a part-time job during the holidays. There are a number of things to consider in order not to get into trouble with the tax office or to have to pay back the money you have earned at the student loan. Here we have summarized the most important facts.

Nebenjobs für Schüler

In times of ever stricter selection procedures when looking for a job and temporary employment agencies that can step in if there is a short-term need for work, companies want to retain their employees as long as possible. As a result, they are less and less willing to hire schoolchildren and students at short notice. The new, labor-intensive bachelor's degree programs, in which there are no longer long semester breaks, also make student workers less attractive for many companies.

Where do students find side jobs on the Internet?

Most student jobs are still in the service sector. Whether waiter, bun seller, help in the fast food shop or newspaper delivery. The list of potential part-time jobs and holiday jobs is the longest here. Incidentally, the employment agency advises schoolchildren and students to carefully watch their surroundings when looking for a part-time job. So you can ask for a job directly on site, or find out about relevant activities on notices. Sometimes there are also holiday jobs in social institutions (which will soon have to do without the classic civilian). Otherwise, the informal network remains the most important source of information when looking for a holiday job: friends, acquaintances, relatives, and the Internet.

Getting paid to speak your mind may sound a little too good to be true, but taking surveys at, for example, can actually make you money. Some surveys only take a few minutes, others take hours. Every natural person aged 14 and over can take part in online surveys, with the exception of employees from market research, marketing or advertising. Depending on the duration of a survey, earnings are around 1 to 6 euros per survey. By participating in market research surveys, members of so-called online panels earn points that can be paid out in the form of bonuses, vouchers or cash.

Earning money on the Internet is no longer a dream for many people, it is already a reality. Photography, writing and recording videos are particularly popular in order to make money online. In order to generate noteworthy income with photos, videos and self-written articles, you need a lot of perseverance in addition to the right technical equipment, because quick successes are rare.

First the good news: billions are being made online and the chances of earning a few euros yourself are good. However, if you want to earn more than just pocket money in the long run, you have to have a lot of perseverance, because success rarely comes overnight. With your own photos, videos and texts, you can create a second income over time that will eventually become the main income from which you can live. We tell you what it takes to make money with photos, videos and your own blog on the Internet.

Are the students part-time jobs subject to tax?

Anyone who works as a student for less than 50 days on vacation does not have to pay social security contributions (i.e. health, nursing, unemployment and pension insurance) from their earnings. When calculating the working hours, the working days from different jobs are simply added together. If your earnings are too high, government grants such as child benefit or student loans are at stake. Specifically, the youngsters can earn up to 8,600 euros without reducing child benefit. From an income of 4,206 euros, there are deductions at the Bafög.

If you give your boss your income tax card, you can usually get your salary without a tax deduction. Because in tax class 1, taxes are only due from an amount of 7664 euros per year. These are usually not achieved with a vacation job. Without a tax card, companies usually pay 25 percent of their wages to the tax office. You can get the money back with the income tax return.

In order to get back withheld expenses, it is usually sufficient to submit a simplified tax return. Make sure that you get your income tax card back after the holiday job ends. Tax return forms are available in most public administrations. You can also submit your tax return online at

The best part-time jobs for summer

Many schoolchildren and students look for a holiday job every summer or semester break. However, even after the economic crisis, the supply of vacation jobs is nowhere near as great as the demand. The 400 euro jobs in particular are increasingly crowding out the traditional holiday job.

The job market is changing. In particular, the jobs that could be done without special qualifications are becoming rarer and are usually fought over by 400-euro jobbers. Even if unemployment has decreased again in the course of the current economic upswing: The classic assembly line job, for which companies used to like to hire schoolchildren and students, tends to be a relic of the past.


Have you been a regular in the Muckibude anyway? Then fitness trainer is an ideal temporary job for you. Simply show fitness newbies how to use the equipment or offer your own courses in the fitness center. There is more information about requirements for the job at the German Sports Studio Association. A good 10 euros per hour are included as earnings.


Do you have training as a nurse or nurse? Then you are often welcome as a temporary worker in many social institutions. The standard wage: 8 euros per hour.


The big money doesn't wave at this job. You can spend your summer free of charge where others have to pay dearly for their vacation. And you learn something for life. Anyone who cuts a fine figure as a mood cannon and tourist driver in the pool is often later accepted as a manager in the conference room. 500 euros a month are feasible. You don't have much free time for that.


If you are fit to mix cocktails, have no problem with long night shifts, and like to flirt a bit at the bar anyway, as a bartender you can expect good to very good earning opportunities. 10 euros plus tip are standard. The upper limit is wide open for professionals.

Call Center Agent

The standard job. Temporary jobs are almost always free in call centers. Prerequisite: a certain basic communication ability. But be careful: in some call centers, earnings are bad and the pressure on employees is enormous. In better call centers there are sometimes 10 euros per hour and a good working atmosphere.


With some chauffeur services you also have the chance to be hired without a taxi license (P license). This includes, for example, driving services for pensioners. Hourly wages: Around seven euros.

IT specialist

The market is huge. Many people just don't get along with their PCs. If you are really fit in the IT world, you can easily charge 20 euros an hour as a temporary worker.


Your iPod is full of music? Do you have a huge CD collection? Then just ask around if you shouldn't take care of the music at parties. If you are good, they will gladly pay you 50 to 100 euros in the evening. And you can finally enjoy your collection at full volume again.


You can't expect a lot of money here. You really do something good for an old person with shopping services or dealing with the authorities.

Temporary gardener

Is particularly suitable for private gardens that are neglected by their owners due to time constraints. For a little garden maintenance, garden owners like to resort to laypeople. Not much is paid. For that you have a creative job in the open air.

Wardrobe force

Temporary workers are often hired, especially in the cloakrooms of operas and urban theaters. There is usually no more than 30 euros to be earned per night, but it only gets really stressful twice (namely before and after the performance).


Young people (preferably women) are always sought at trade fairs who lure potential customers to the stands with a friendly smile. The long-term stressful job is paid well. The basic requirement is a neat appearance.


Just ask at the department store around the corner. Temporary staff will also be happy to hire you at the checkout. Earnings: Six to ten euros an hour.


Whiz through the city with your own car or bicycle and hand in letters and parcels. 8 euros per hour are feasible.


Ideal for teaching students and particularly good pupils: pass on your specialist knowledge to small groups in the afternoon and earn at least seven euros an hour.

Pizza delivery

People with their own car or moped are also sought here. Instead of an hourly wage, there is sometimes a revenue share.


Has recently become a standard student job. Distributed flyers in the pedestrian zone. There is often a commission for new customers.

tourist guide

Wenn Ihr Euch in Eurer Stadt gut auskennt und gerne eine Gruppe leitet ein netter und gut bezahlter Nebenjob.

Bit-Part player

Register in a casting agency and soon walk through the picture of film and television productions as a passerby or party guest. There is not much money for it, but there is fun on the set and sometimes close contact with real stars.

Relocation Assistant

Real physical work. The earnings are rather thin, but at the end of the day there is the feeling that you have mastered a real sporting challenge; and lots of fields of activity.

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