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New: LifePoints Test Experiences and test of the survey panel is a reputable market research platform, which is operated by the market research field institute Consumerfieldwork GmbH based in Hamburg, the platform enables its members to take part in non-binding online surveys and product tests free of charge. The GmbH has existed since 2006, the provider operates online panels in Germany and Europe, acts as the consumer panel of the GmbH. receives surveys from various market research institutes, which are then passed on to the members of the consumer panel.
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General information about is a reputable market research platform, which is operated by the market research field institute Consumerfieldwork GmbH based in Hamburg. The platform enables its members to take free online surveys and product tests without obligation. The GmbH was founded in 2006. The provider operates online panels in Germany and Europe. acts as a consumer panel. receives surveys from various market research institutes and companies, which are then passed on to the members of the consumer panel.

Procedure for surveys and product tests

The online surveys of are very different, many different topics are addressed. Depending on the survey, it may be that your opinion is asked about various companies or social institutions, or which magazines you read. Some surveys deal with new products that are only to be launched on the market. You, as a member of, then act as a tester for these products and help to improve the respective products. Members receive invitations to paid surveys from by email, there is no entitlement to receiving surveys, the surveys provided usually require a certain group of people, only members who fit this group of people will then receive an invitation to participate. Typically, a survey that you take will take about ten to fifteen minutes, but there are also surveys that only take about two minutes. There is no obligation for you as a member to take part in a survey, you alone decide whether you want to accept the invitation or not. The surveys should be answered truthfully and honestly.

Remuneration for the surveys and payment

Depending on the survey, the earnings are around 1 Euro to approx. 6 EUR per survey. After successful registration you have a personal login area, here you have a complete overview of your earnings at any time, or remuneration already paid, here you will also find the processing status of your requested payout. The remuneration is usually credited to your personal area after 14 days and is only then visible. You can only request reimbursement from an amount of 10 euros, only when you have reached this payment limit will the "Request payment" function appear in your personal area, below an amount of 10 euros this function is inactive. It is imperative to enter a bank account so that the remuneration requested by you can be transferred. If you have requested payment of the remuneration, this will usually be transferred to your specified bank account at the end of the current month. If the participant ends his membership, the credit expires if the credit is less than 10 euros. If the balance is over 10 euros and there is a valid bank account, the existing balance will still be paid out when membership ends.

Requirements for membership

Any natural person aged 14 and over can become a member of and register, with the exception of employees from market research, marketing or advertising. It is not possible for several household members to register at one postal address, for quality reasons only one registration per postal address is accepted. Membership is free, the registered member has no costs. A prerequisite for registering with is a valid email address for receiving invitations and a current bank account for transferring the remuneration. The official membership begins only after careful examination of the information given in the application form, can reject membership in some cases. The member must adhere to certain rules, otherwise membership may be excluded: the password may not be passed on, other members may not be bothered, incorrect information may not be given during registration, multiple registrations with different email addresses not allowed. Membership can be terminated by the member at any time, participation in can be terminated at any time without giving reasons, by e-mail, telephone or form. On the part of the operator of the survey platform, membership can also be terminated without giving reasons, for example after numerous unsuccessful invitations.

Security and data protection

Your personal contact details will not be passed on to third parties by, the information is only for purposes of market research at After your membership ends, all data will be deleted from the database of the market research platform. You do not need to be afraid of advertising or spam, will only send you email invitations to paid surveys, other companies will not get your contact information, so you cannot contact them. The e-mail address you provided is only for the purposes of invitations to surveys. Your personal information is used to create a profile for the surveys in order to determine whether you fit into the group required for this survey. may only use contact details of members for market research, if it should be necessary for statistical purposes, the data will be anonymized in order to be able to be evaluated, a personal reference to the participant is not recognizable. The further use of personal data is only possible in justified exceptional cases, but the participant must have given a separate declaration of consent. If there is a change of operator on the survey platform, personal data of the participant can be passed on to the new operator, even without their consent, but only for the purpose of market and opinion research. It applies to the participants of the survey platform that they keep their access data secret and do not pass them on to third parties. As the market research projects are confidential, participants may not save, pass on or publish any information received. is definitely recommended and a reputable company.

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