Become a cosmetic tester: Test cosmetic products for free and earn money
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Become a cosmetic tester: Test cosmetic products for free and earn money

Product tests are not just a way to get new products for free. You can also earn money with product tests - but only in exceptional cases. In the cosmetics sector, the offers of the providers are usually limited to the free provision of the samples. Here we clarify how to become a cosmetic tester, which test forms are offered and what you should consider.

Kosmetik Tester

Germans spend billions of euros a year on all kinds of cosmetics. Hardly any other branch brings new products to the market with so much effort. Product testers benefit from this competitive situation. The cosmetics industry has become an attractive target for them. The companies acknowledge this with thanks. But becoming a cosmetic tester is not always easy.

drug tests vs. Cosmetics testing

It has been known for decades that test subjects receive high allowances for medical studies. However, such drug tests can hardly be compared to cosmetic tests. A side effect: The expense allowances that pharmaceutical companies pay for drug tests are generally completely unattainable when testing new cosmetics.

While drug testers can earn several thousand euros, cosmetic product testers usually have to settle for free product samples. Studies that are carried out directly in the industry are an exception. But participating in such studies is usually difficult.

Serious offers on the Internet

Serious providers offer free product samples over the Internet. Some of these are new products that are not yet available in stores. Such cosmetic testers are sought by retailers (such as or subject portals (such as Such product tests are usually offered in cooperation with the manufacturers.

In principle, this is a type of marketing. In this way, new products are circulated and thus made known. The entrepreneurs are hoping for positive feedback that will encourage other consumers to buy. In such cases, however, the testers of cosmetic products usually do not receive any financial benefits.

There are some providers who specialize in surveys and product tests on the Internet. Such online panels usually work for the industry. In this way, companies experience how consumers assess trends and new products. Cosmetic companies are also among the companies that are active on product test portals. A disadvantage of these portals: Of course, they are not exclusively concerned with cosmetics.

Products and surveys from all areas are offered in mixed colors on product test portals. Users who participate can therefore not know in advance whether they will be asked about cosmetic articles or about completely different products. Not in all cases will you ever get a cosmetic test like this. Some of the test portals offer financial rewards in the form of vouchers or bonuses. The products are available for free anyway.

Cosmetic tests as a side job from home

Of course, cosmetic products are also extensively tested by real people as part of the development process. These tests are carried out by the manufacturers or industry-related testing institutes. In such a case, subjects receive compensation for expenses, similar to drug tests. Sometimes you can earn several hundred euros in a short time. This form of product testing can therefore be classified as a real part-time job.

But it is not always easy to find such offers. It usually helps to write to manufacturers and test institutes and get information there. Of course, a lot of initiative and a lot of effort are needed. In addition, the range of product testers generally clearly exceeds the required number. Therefore, if you intend to become a cosmetic tester as a part-time job, you have to be persistent.

Free product samples instead of product tests

Product samples are an alternative to product testing. In the cosmetics sector in particular, product samples are often released to appeal to new buyers. One reason: You cannot really try out new shampoos or certain creams in the shop, but only in the bathroom at home. The cosmetic industry sells product samples almost everywhere.

There are websites that specialize in the free distribution of product samples. However, there are also product samples in many department stores, drugstores or perfumeries. Samples of cosmetics are also often found in newspapers. Tip: A direct email request for product samples to cosmetics manufacturers can often provide a whole range of product samples. Many manufacturers see this as a service.

Untrustworthy cosmetic tests on the Internet

Occasionally there are advertisements from dubious providers in magazines or on the Internet, which apparently are looking for product testers for cosmetic articles. In reality, however, these are rip-offs who want to pull the money out of inexperienced citizens. Such a trick is, for example, the specification of an application hotline with a 0190 area code. With such offers, the providers are usually only about earning over the calls.

Other dubious providers require admission fees or other financial payments from new product testers before they can begin working as a cosmetic tester. Extreme caution is also required in such a case. Reputable providers never require new testers to pay for fees, starter sets or the like. The seriousness of the provider should therefore be checked in any case before you even come into contact with it.

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