Earn money with surveys - how it works
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Earn money with surveys - how it works

If you are looking for a little extra income, you will find various offers on the Internet to make money - serious and less serious. One option is to participate in paid surveys. In addition to interesting product information, this is also a very entertaining activity. In this way, many market research companies try to find out the effect of their advertising measures on customers. New products are also tested by a selected group of people before they are launched on the market. The positive thing about this form of home work is that you can make money from your home PC without having to make any commitments.

Survey portals in comparison

The remuneration for online surveys differs from company to company. It is common practice to credit subjects with points for their efforts. Above a certain amount, these can then be exchanged for vouchers from prestigious shops or cash. Others pay in lots that can win substantial prizes weekly, monthly or quarterly in a lottery. Anyone who wants to take part in such online surveys just has to register with one or more market research companies. After completing a questionnaire on the personality profile, the test person receives invitations to paid surveys at regular intervals. It can also happen that enough people with the certain profile have already participated. Then you only get a small "consolation patch" instead of the promised points.

As with all homework offers, there are also dubious providers in online surveys, so you should read the terms and conditions carefully. The question of data protection cannot be dismissed out of hand either. After all, very private things are revealed in the input questionnaires. Renowned market research companies ensure that the personal data provided is only passed on anonymously to their customers. Renowned market research companies are e.g. www.meinungsplatz.de, global-testmarket, Lifepoints, GfK, Bonopolis, Keypanel, Ipsos.

At Meinungsplatz.de every survey is paid in cash. Payment can be requested monthly if the amount reached € 10.00 in the previous month. In addition, each member receives lots for monthly raffles. The member receives bonuses for the recommendation of friends and acquaintances upon registration. At IpsosAccessPanel, points are credited for each online survey, which the member can purchase e.g. Amazon, IKEA, Douglas u. a. can exchange. It is also possible to use the points to make donations to various aid organizations. Particularly hardworking members receive lots for quarterly raffles and an annual raffle for a car. The delivery of the paper or online vouchers takes place promptly after application. GlobalTestMarket grants rewards in the form of market points for every online survey. These can be requested in cash. Billing is based on US dollars. One market point corresponds to 5 US cents. A payment of the credit can be requested when the credit has reached 1000 market points. However, it may take 6-8 weeks for the check to arrive.

Lifepoints rewards surveys with points that can be exchanged for valuable gifts or donations to charities. At Keyanel, the reward currency is KP (Keypanel Points). As soon as 1000 UPs (10.00 €) or more are reached, a payment is possible either as cash or as a voucher for well-known companies. So if you can spare a few minutes a day and enjoy new developments and attractive advertising, register with one or more portals. If you don't like it, you can easily unsubscribe. But you should be clear about one thing: You won't get rich with paid surveys!

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