Become a product tester: Earn money with product reviews
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Earn money with product reviews

Product reviews are a way to make money on the go from home. For this homework, you register with one or more market research institutes and then receive invitations to product tests and online surveys at regular intervals. The surveys usually refer to new or existing products such as the iPhone, Android smartphones or game consoles, as well as the buying behavior of the participant. Product tests and opinion polls for market research purposes are paid for and are non-binding. Remuneration takes the form of vouchers, e.g. for Galeria Kaufhof, Babywalz or, by cash payment or via bonuses that can be selected in the bonus shop of the respective market research institute. The following table provides an overview of reputable market research companies that are currently looking for new participants.

Update, Dez 6, 2023
Become a product tester

How do product reviews work?

Market research companies try to collect representative studies, opinions and attitudes of people about new products or services. To achieve a meaningful result, every institute needs a sufficiently large number of panel participants. Online Panel members can earn money by participating in product reviews and opinion polls and are paid for their participation in the form of vouchers or cash payments. In the next step, the results of completed product surveys will be generalized to all people living in Germany. The more participants are involved, the more meaningful these are. For this reason, market research institutes always strive to recruit new participants and motivate existing ones with interesting remuneration. Companies that have their products regularly rated in online panels, conduct market research studies or search for product testers are DM, Samsung, Amazon, Philips, Apple, Amorelie, Bosch, Conrad, Dyson, Dove, Henkel, Huawei, Loreal, Lego, Logitech, Milka, Miele , Nestle, Nivea, Nike, Nikon, Persil, Panasonic, Qvc, Rossmann, Ravensburger, Rewe, Sony, Saturn, Siemens, Tchibo and Vorwerk. In the following, we present the world's largest market research companies from Germany and the USA, which compensate for participation in product reviews, product tests and online surveys.

Paid product reviews with MySurvey

MySurvey is a market research company operated by Lightspeed Research. The members are mostly individuals or consumers and are paid for their voluntary participation in product tests and online surveys. Lightspeed conducts more than 20 million opinion polls each year and is one of the largest market research institutes worldwide. The company has existed since 1946, when Taylor Nelson Sofres (better known in Germany as TNS Infratest) started a panel for families. The TNS Infratest Panel later developed into the MySurvey online community. It comprises more than 4 million members in 70 countries and is spread across all continents. MySurvey is one of the largest and best known market research companies in the world. Registration and participation is free. As with other market research institutes, points are collected here, which can then be exchanged for vouchers or cash. The remuneration is very good, there are vouchers for Amazon, PayPal, Kaufhof, Douglas, H&M and Ikea. The results of product reviews and online surveys are regularly published in well-known media such as the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and other international newspapers.


The market research institute

Those who register with the market research institute can take part in paid surveys and product tests at regular intervals. When registering, interests are queried in addition to personal data, so that surveys can be individually assigned to the relevant subject areas. Each participant is credited for each completed survey. Above a certain amount, the account balance can be converted into vouchers or bonuses. There is also the option of donating the credit to an aid organization for a good cause. Opinion study works with various advertising partners so that a variety of vouchers can be selected e.g. from Amazon, Kaufhof, Zalando, Douglas, H&M, Obi and Eventim. Immediately after registering on, everyone can take part in paid surveys and product tests, provided they are available, of course. The participants will be informed by email about current surveys and product reviews and will receive updates without having to log in. In some cases it happens that you are not part of the target group or are not qualified for a certain topic. This usually means that the survey already has enough participants or that the client has defined criteria that are not met. Opinion study automatically invites all members to paid surveys, so that one also receives surveys that do not exactly fit into their own subject area.


Earn money with is a German market research institute. Individuals can take part in product tests and paid surveys. This not only gives you the opportunity to express your opinion on various topics, but also allows you to earn money and is involved in the launch of new products. Anyone can join Keypanel, provided you are at least 14 years old and reside in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. If you meet these requirements, you can register free of charge and become part of the online panel. When registering, you create a so-called basic profile in which you provide various information about yourself, your habits, your profession and the current living situation. Using this information, Keypanel selects who is eligible for which surveys and product reviews or not. If you are suitable for a survey and belong to the target group, you will receive an email invitation. In the invitation, the participant is informed about the approximate length and the corresponding remuneration of the survey. So you can easily and effortlessly decide for or against taking part in a concrete online survey. The frequency of the surveys varies and depends on whether you belong to the respective target group. As with most market research companies, it is also the case here that with more and, above all, current and complete information about yourself and your life situation, you have more chances of being qualified for various product reviews and surveys. As a reward for participating in a survey and the associated efforts, you are rewarded in the form of keypanel points, the so-called KPs. These are credited to the personal account. If you took part in a survey for which you were not qualified, you will be credited with 1 keypanel point as an allowance. 100 credits correspond to the equivalent of 1 euro. If you have collected 1,000 Keypanel bonus points, you can have them paid out as BestChoice shopping vouchers, Amazon vouchers or by cash transfer. With you can easily earn money through surveys and product reviews. You are not obliged to take part in surveys that take place.


Surveys at

You can also earn money with your own opinion at the survey portal. First you have to register for free and accept the conditions of participation. After the non-binding registration you are a member of the online panel Membership is voluntary and can be terminated at any time without giving a reason. Natural persons from the age of 14 can register. only allows one registration per household. Each member can freely decide whether to participate in surveys and product reviews or not. It is not eligible to be invited to paid surveys. The need depends on the customer of the survey portal and the topic of the survey. The invitation to the online survey (with duration and remuneration) is sent by email. The duration of the survey and the remuneration depend on its scope. It can be around 1 to 6 euros per survey. The answers will be anonymized and the contact details will not be passed on without the member's consent. The credit is paid out at the survey portal exclusively by transfer to the account of the member (participant), i.e. the member must also be the account holder. Remuneration credits take approximately 14 days. With a credit of 10 euros, the member must request payment. This requires a form with the bank details of the participant and his personal account number. It is not possible to transfer the credit to another participant. Membership can be terminated at any time by email, form, telephone or in writing without giving a reason (further information in the terms and conditions).

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